Indian Chicken Recipes

A fantastic selection of Simple Indian chicken Recipes. Indian food has always had been deemed as pretty difficult food to cook but that is not actually true. These Indian recipes are incredibly quick and easy to make, with most of them it is just a case of throwing all of the ingredients into a pot and leaving it to cook!

Thats how cooking should be I say!!

Simple Chicken Korma Recipe

A classic Indian Chicken recipe, once you know how to cook a chicken korma, you've pretty much got Indian cooking under your belt!

Indian Butter Chicken Recipe

A very lovely and a very delicious Indian Butter chicken recipe that has been greatly simplified but still somehow manages to retain all of its awsome flavor and texture.

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

A simple chicken tikka masala recipe straight from deepest India and simplified for you. Well ok it is not the easiest recipe in the world but trust me, it's not hard.

Simple Chicken Tandoori Recipe

This is most certainly one of my personal favorite recipes on this website. It is so so easy to make and just tastes amazing. Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

How to....

....Cook Basmati rice

A Complete guide on how to Cook Basmati rice. Including how to prepare rice and several cooking methods for the perfect rice. Welcome to Rice heaven!

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