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Welcome to the library! We have selected some of the best recommended cookbooks on the market for you to have a look through.

Most of the books have websites so just follow the links for more information.

If you have any questions regarding any of the books just contact us and we will do our best to answer any fo your questions! Good Luck!

Secret Restaraunt Recipes

Some of these recipes are pretty amazing..

Tag: 'Discover the recipes from your favorite recipes and cook them for your self;

Extras: Total of six extra cookbooks

Price: $29

Refund: Full, 60 days

CopyCat recipes cookbook!

One of our favorites

Tag: 'Easily Prepare the Most Guarded Restaurant Recipes in Your Own Kitchen'

Extras: 3 Bonus Cookbooks

Price: $32.95

Refund: Yes - within 56 days

Healing Gourmet

'Revolutionary recipes'

Tag: Revoluntinary recipes for life long health adn affortless wiegthloss

Extras: Total of 3 bonus cookbooks making a total of 10 books

Price: Total Package - $155

Refund: Yes - Full 60 Days


Millions of awsome juice recipes

Tag: Discover how to easily make more than 100 delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable juices

Extras: 2 Extra books and free updates for life

Price: $19.99

Refund: Yes - Full 3 months

5 Star secret recipes

Top of the list for value

Tag: Discover The Secret Recipes From The World's Finest Restaurants And Cook Like a 5-Star Chef

Extras: 4 extra books

Price: $29.97

Refund: Full, no questions asked 60 day refund

Healthy Chinese recipes

The most successful chinese cookbook ever

Tag: In Less Than 5 Minutes, I Will Show YouHow To Cook Delicious Dinner Like This: (queue pictures

Extras: 2 Books, Lifetime upgrades, newsletter

Price: $19.97

Refund Full refund before 8 weeks

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