Jamaican Chicken Recipes

Hell and welcome to our newest page here on our very own website - Simple-Chicken-Recipes.com. Today were going to the Caribbean and we've gathered some of the finest Jamaican Chicken recipes in the world......

If, at any time and for any reason, you've anything to say then please just let us know by contacting us here. You can add your own recipes, offer variations or whatever you fancy. We always love to hear how our customers get along with our recipes!

But for the time being, please enjoy our fantastic range of simple chicken recipes... Good luck

Coconut Chicken recipe

This is by far one of the most authentic and original chicken recipes. We hope you enjoy it, she really is a beauty!

Chicken Fricassee Recipe

This is a seriously simple and easy to make Chicken Fricassee recipe. One of our team stumbled across this beauty on a recent holiday to the Jamaican town of Port Antonio.

Jerk Chicken Recipe

Perhaps the most famous Jamcaican Chicken Recipes of all time?! - Who knows but this recipe ios certainly a crwod pleaser!

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