Simple BBQ Chicken Recipes

Whenever I go to someone elses BBQ I am always so dissapointed at the lack of imaginatin that goes into thier cooking. Just defrost the chicken and chuck it on the barbie. Many times have I just given up on the chicken and gone straight for a burger. Thats why I have compiled this selection of BBQ Chicken recipes.

It's a BBQ, we don't need anything fancy or complicated. Just some simple marinades and sauces to accompany such a beautiful dish. Thats why we decided to build this page. To educate and help those keen barbaquers out there to get the most out of thier meat.

Please make the most of this page and don't forget if it's raining, just pretend and try out this classic Baked BBQ chicken recipe .

If you've got any recipes or bright ideas for things to do with chickens (kitchen wise) then please just let us know and we will be pleased to add your suggestions to our growing site.


The Best BBQ Chicken Recipe in the world

Well where better to start than the best BBQ chicken Recipe in the world? Don't worry, it may be truly amazing but it is still pretty simple.

How to BBQ Chicken

Everybody should know how to BBQ a Chicken so here is a very simple guide for you to use. Just don't burn it!

Simple Beer Can Chicken recipe

This is a little gem of a recipe I came acroos at a bbq years ago now. It's dam good and the simplest way to cook a chicken using this method for sure.

Simple Barbecue Chicken Wings Recipe

This is a really basic recipe for chicken wings all the way from the American deep south

Spicy Chicken Wings recipe

This is one of my favorite BBQ recipes. It is fairly spicy but you can always use less of certain ingredients

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