Simple Chicken Salad Recipes

We've got a great selection of tasty and simple chicken salad recipes. They've all been tested and tasted and offer a wide selection of styles.

This page is incomplete so if you have any salad recipes that you want to contribute to our growing site then please just send them to us here . Share your wisdom with thew world!!

Salad Recipes

Simple Bacon and Chicken salad recipe

A really simple bacon,water chestnut and chicken salad recipe groomed to perfect. All you have to do is cook the bacon and you done. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes!

The greatest Chicken sandwich recipe

I think this has got to be the greatest chicken salad sandwich recipe ever and I think that you'll agree as soon as you've tried it.

Seriously good Chicken Salad

Another great chicken salad recipe. This one is really easy and the results are awsome. Unfortunately we can't take the credit for this recipe which is a shame as it is so good.

How to....

...make a chicken salad

In my opnion everybody should know how to make a chicken salad so here is my attempt at teaching the world. It's pretty simple so just follow the diections and away you go.

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