Simple Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken, Bacon and Water Chestnut

This is a really simple chicken salad recipe with bacon and water chestnuts. Just follow the basic directions below and you can't go wrong. Prepare for a nutty Feast

  • Preperation time: 10 Minutes

  • Serves: 6


Were going to use a tin of chickent today to keepo things simple but of course you can always use freshly cooked chicken if you want.

  • 500g Tin of coooked chicken

  • Lettuce

  • Small tin of water chestnuts, 220g

  • 3-4 Strips of bacon

  • 1.2 cup of ranch dressing

  • Chopped Parsley


Cook the bacon under the grill and chop it up.

Mix it all the ingredients together and serve.

.......Well that was simple wasn't it.

Thats why we called this one the simple chicken salad recipe!

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