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Welcome to simple chicken recipes where we believe that simple is better. We are passionate about chicken and have a massive selection of quick easy chicken recipes for you to choose from, be it starters, main meals, parties, salads, soups, international dishes and the list goes on...

In our eyes, chicken is the most versatile meat in the world and every country have their own specialities. We have tasted and tested thousands of recipes and selected only the tastiest and the simplest.

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Take a bit of time to explore our site and you will soon discover some amazing recipes. Take for example the classic Chicken and dumpling recipe or maybe you would prefer the simple Baked BBQ chicken recipe that is so very famous on our website.

We here at believ that a website should belong to it's readers so we encourage our visitors to add you own recipes to help make our site the most complete chicken website on the web.

We hope that you enjoy our simple chicken recipes and find it useful, that's what it is here for!

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Best Chicken Recipes
These are some of the best chicken recipes from out site. They have been chosen for there awsome flavors and there undeniable simplicity
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Crockpot Chicken Recipes
Crockpot Chicken Recipes, Crockpot Chicken Recipes
Baked Chicken Recipes
A great selection of Baked Chicken Recipes. Baking has got to be the simplest way of cooking chicken and often, one of the most rewarding!
BBQ Chicken Recipes
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Jamaican Chicken Recipes
Jamaican Chicken Recipes
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Your Recipes
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