Italian Chicken Recipes

Italy has some of the finest food in the world and has done since the dawn of time. We here at love the Italians because they have provided us with a huge range of simple Italian chicken recipes.

The range of recipes is just massive and the flavors and textures are just breathtaking. Of course, Italy being Italy and us, we like to stereotype, so we can say, expect loads of pasta and bologniase. But not only that, expect heaps of tomatoes, peppers, spices, potatoes and expensive looking vegetables such as asparagus and legumes.

Most of these Italian Chicken recipes have influenced and been influenced by cuisine from all around the world especially the likes of Hungary, Austria, Spain and even further afield to Turkey, Greece and France.

If you especialy enjoyed any of these recipes then we would love to hear your feed back. And if you have any Chicken recipes that you would like to add to our site then just follow the directions on this page.

Simple Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

This is a very simple Italian Parmigiana recipe, borrowed admitably, but from a very reputable source don't worry.

Chicken Tetrazzani Recipe

A classic and incredibly simple Chicken recipe from origin unknown. Enjoy!

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