Chinese Chicken Recipes

Here we've got a great selection of Chinese Chicken Recipes that have all be chosen for the simplicity and taste. i'm sure you will enjoy them, we have had great fun testing them out.

This section is never going to be complete as there are just som many Chicken recipes out there in the world, Billions I think. So we need your help! Help us make this the ultimate simple chicken recipe site on the net. Just fololw the instructions on this page to contribute your recipe. Thankyou

Now go ahead and enjoy these recipes, thats what they are there for!

Chinese Orange Chicken

This Chinese orange chicken recipe is a nice simple starter to those of you who are new to cooking chiniese food.

Chinese Lemon Chicken

Well this recipe is much like the orange chicken recipe but with, well, lemon.... Serves four and takes about 35 minutes from start to finish.

Simple Sweet and Sour recipe

Another fantastic simple chicken recipe, this one with it's origins 5 minutes away in the local chinese takeaway.

Simple Garlic Chicken Recipe

This is a really great Chinese Chicken recipe. Dressed ot impress is the phrase that comes to mind....

Chinese Chicken Stir fry

Simple Chinese chicken stir fry, exactly what it says it is. Recipes really don't get much easier than this!

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